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Stop the Clicking! Fix Your Loose Steel with This Hockey Hack.

This one is one of my favorite quick hockey hacks that I've been using for the past year. I can't take all the credit for this one though; I first saw this on Dana Heinze's (Head Equipment Manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins) Twitter feed and also got a tip from John Sokolski, Boston University Women's Ice Hockey Equipment Manager.  

Have you ever been walking out of the locker room and heard a clicking sound come from your skate blade and holder? It's almost as if the blade has been loosened and will fall right out at any second. Well, the good news is that chances are your blade isn't going to fall out, but if that doesn't put your mind at ease and you really just want to get rid of that clicking follow these 4 steps below.

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Two Veterans, Two Young Stars and One Common Secret

Time away from the ice is important for hockey players at every level.

Physically, it's healthy to step away from the repetitive movements of skating and allow some of those neglected muscles to get active again, while resting the ones that have been over-used.

Mentally, it's important to take a break from the inevitable stress that comes along with counting wins and losses, goals for and goals against and every other stat that we can get wrapped up in throughout the long season.

While time away from the rink is healthy, that doesn't mean we stop learning. And for many players, it doesn't mean we stop thinking about the sport and wanting to get better.

We love the Player's Tribune. Nowhere on the internet can you get the same level of thoughtful insight from the best athletes and coaches in the world.

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5 Pond Hockey Essentials

Ask any hockey player at any level and they’ll likely agree, there’s nothing quite like playing this great game outdoors. We’re seeing it at every level, from the NHL, to the NCAA, to High School and recreation, more and more people are making time for outdoor hockey each winter.

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Why We Built The Sparx Edge Checker

Today Sparx launched a new product; one we’ve been talking about for a while, one we’ve been testing with NHL equipment managers and other professional skate sharpeners, and one we know many, many Sparx customers have been waiting for for a long time now.

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3 Skate Sharpening Insights from Hanging Out With The Pros

Back in June, we had the opportunity to bring Sparx in front of arguably the toughest audience imaginable; The Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers, or SPHEM.
For us, this was both a milestone; as we were able to showcase our product for NHL equipment managers, and an introduction into their somewhat mysterious profession.

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Why Burrs Occur On Skate Steel And How To Handle Them

We get a lot of questions at Sparx about deburring; How is it done? What stones should I use? How do I get rid of a stubborn burr? In this post, we’ll cover the basics of deburring when using the stone and strop included with our Sparx sharpeners. We will also cover in detail what the pros use, and how they go about removing burrs of all kinds.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Blade Profile

Do your skate blades look like those pictured above? The steel ground all the way to the plastic holder on the toe and heel of each skate? If so, we’re going to guess you’ve had your skates for a while and have been visiting the same shops over and over.

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What Bauer's New Goalie Skate Means for Sparx

If you’re a goalie, you may know that each Sparx Sharpener comes equipped with a set of Goalie Risers. These risers have one job, due to the taller steel in traditional goalie skates, we use them to bump up the skate to account for that added height. There’s nothing else different about the process of sharpening goalie skates (no goalie-specific grinding rings needed for 3mm or 4mm steel).

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What Would Be My Payback for Sparx?

The short answer to "What would be my payback for Sparx" is 6 months.  Continue reading to see how I arrive at this figure.

We are grateful for the many questions that arrive in our email inbox each day. One question that we get frequently is “What would be my payback for Sparx?”.

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How Sparx Changed How I Sharpen Skates

I’ve always said you could ask any skate sharpener how good they are, and they’ll tell you they’re the best they know. Most have come up with certain habits: grinding from toe-to-heel, Gusto-glide, pink stones, blue stones, never cross grind/always cross grind… the list could go on for days. I’d like to consider myself a great sharpener, I follow all the basic rules and produce a mirror finish and keep my edges even. I educate the consumer and try to be as consistent as I can be. As good as I know I am, I’m always self-conscious. I always ask my customers how it went and if they thought something was off. Understanding the variables; hard ice, soft ice, hot and humid, cold and crisp, and losing an edge, I try and get to the bottom of any issues if they should arise.

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