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Why Burrs Occur On Skate Steel And How To Handle Them

We get a lot of questions at Sparx about deburring; How is it done? What stones should I use? How do I get rid of a stubborn burr? In this post, we’ll cover the basics of deburring when using the stone and strop included with our Sparx sharpeners. We will also cover in detail what the pros use, and how they go about removing burrs of all kinds.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Blade Profile

Do your skate blades look like those pictured above? The steel ground all the way to the plastic holder on the toe and heel of each skate? If so, we’re going to guess you’ve had your skates for a while and have been visiting the same shops over and over.

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What Bauer's New Goalie Skate Means for Sparx

If you’re a goalie, you may know that each Sparx Sharpener comes equipped with a set of Goalie Risers. These risers have one job, due to the taller steel in traditional goalie skates, we use them to bump up the skate to account for that added height. There’s nothing else different about the process of sharpening goalie skates (no goalie-specific grinding rings needed for 3mm or 4mm steel).

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What Would Be My Payback for Sparx?

The short answer to "What would be my payback for Sparx" is 6 months.  Continue reading to see how I arrive at this figure.

We are grateful for the many questions that arrive in our email inbox each day. One question that we get frequently is “What would be my payback for Sparx?”.

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How Sparx Changed How I Sharpen Skates

I’ve always said you could ask any skate sharpener how good they are, and they’ll tell you they’re the best they know. Most have come up with certain habits: grinding from toe-to-heel, Gusto-glide, pink stones, blue stones, never cross grind/always cross grind… the list could go on for days. I’d like to consider myself a great sharpener, I follow all the basic rules and produce a mirror finish and keep my edges even. I educate the consumer and try to be as consistent as I can be. As good as I know I am, I’m always self-conscious. I always ask my customers how it went and if they thought something was off. Understanding the variables; hard ice, soft ice, hot and humid, cold and crisp, and losing an edge, I try and get to the bottom of any issues if they should arise.

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How To Choose Your Grinding Ring [Infographic]

One of our most asked questions is "How do I choose my Grinding Ring?". So we created an inforgraphic to help! 

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Testing Edge Height, Why Precision Matters.

If football is a game of inches, I think we can call hockey a game of thousandths of inches. While it may not have the same ring to it, it’s true, and we’re going to tell you why.

Have you ever experienced a bad sharpening, or had a child complain that his or her skates just don’t feel right this week? Odds are, it’s happened and on more than just one occasion. Now there’s a disclaimer I’ve got to put out there first, and it’s that there ARE great skate sharpeners in the world, there are sharpeners who care about their craft and rely on their craftsmanship to generate repeat business and lifelong friendships. The unfortunate truth, though, is that these folks are not the majority. Most of the time you are handing your skates off to an inadequately trained employee, and that individual is likely not the one you should be trusting to sharpen your skates. Often, they simply do not have the experience needed to consistently provide a great sharpening.

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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions [UPDATED]

We had our first demo in March of 2015 at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo in Minnesota, at the same time we launched our Kickstarter campaign. We reached our goal in less than 5 days. Now, with over 1000 sharpeners in the hands of our loyal and faithful customers, we are poised to take the 2016-2017 hockey season by storm.  Over th past 18 months, there have been a handful of questions that almost everyone asks when we are out demoing the sharpener so we figured we’d lay them all out for you in a short little blog.

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Grip or Glide, What Gives You The Edge?

A few weeks back, we published Three Simple Experiments All Hockey Players Ought To Consider. In that post we talk about the three main variables a skater can adjust to try and find the rocker, pitch and hollow that best suits their skating and playing style.

Today, we want to zoom in a bit on just one of those variables; the hollow. There are 2 variables you can adjust when selecting a hollow; the shape and the depth.

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Bent Blades & Misaligned Holders

More often than you’d like to think, we run into bent skate steel. Bent steel can be caused by a myriad of things, most common of which are a puck off the blade, steel being bent straight from the factory, and steel that is being bent by the holder (either a warped holder itself or a holder mounted improperly to the boot). It is important to indentify bent skate steel for a couple reasons: A) It can affect performance and B) It can make sharpening a blade with level edges from heel to toe pretty hard if not impossible with larger more serious bends. 

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