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The Ease and Benefits of Sparx in your Pregame Routine

Founder/ CEO Russ Layton shares his pregame routine and how essential and easy it is to have Sparx involved. If you're not having Sparx in your routine, you're missing out on some major, major benefits.  

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"Welcome to Another Epi Boys..."

Alright, so unless you’ve been living under a rock this entire year, there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one Epi from the boys over at On the Bench. These boys from Airdrie, Jacob and Olly have created quite the library of hockey tips and tricks, and they’ve gone about as viral as you can go in our little world of hockey and for a good reason--They’re funny as hell.

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How Sparx Entered Over Half the NHL Lockerooms

Founder/ CEO Russ Layton shares the story on how Sparx, starting with the Boston Bruins, was able to expand and plant itself into over half the NHL's lockerooms and how the reaction has been since adoption. 

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The Discovery That Led to Perfect Edges

Founder/ CEO Russ Layton shares the discovery and the process, that led to Sparx delivering perfect, even edges everytime you sharpen your skates. 

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Future of Sparx: Global Distribution and New Grinding Rings

Founder/ CEO Russ Layton lays out the future plans for Sparx including when customers can expect new grinding rings and when Sparx is going global. 

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Aaahh, The Sweet Smell of Hockey

Mmmmmmm, the smell of fresh spring air. Such a welcome change for hockey players and hockey families around the globe.

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Starting Sparx Hockey and Success on Kickstarter

Founder/ CEO Russ Layton describes the story on starting Sparx and how Sparx was able to be successful on Kickstarter and how crucial it was in bringing Sparx to market, by raising the money and generating the buzz. 

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Stop the Clicking! Fix Your Loose Steel with This Hockey Hack.

This one is one of my favorite quick hockey hacks that I've been using for the past year. I can't take all the credit for this one though; I first saw this on Dana Heinze's (Head Equipment Manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins) Twitter feed and also got a tip from John Sokolski, Boston University Women's Ice Hockey Equipment Manager.  

Have you ever been walking out of the locker room and heard a clicking sound come from your skate blade and holder? It's almost as if the blade has been loosened and will fall right out at any second. Well, the good news is that chances are your blade isn't going to fall out, but if that doesn't put your mind at ease and you really just want to get rid of that clicking follow these 4 steps below.

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Two Veterans, Two Young Stars and One Common Secret

Time away from the ice is important for hockey players at every level.

Physically, it's healthy to step away from the repetitive movements of skating and allow some of those neglected muscles to get active again, while resting the ones that have been over-used.

Mentally, it's important to take a break from the inevitable stress that comes along with counting wins and losses, goals for and goals against and every other stat that we can get wrapped up in throughout the long season.

While time away from the rink is healthy, that doesn't mean we stop learning. And for many players, it doesn't mean we stop thinking about the sport and wanting to get better.

We love the Player's Tribune. Nowhere on the internet can you get the same level of thoughtful insight from the best athletes and coaches in the world.

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5 Pond Hockey Essentials

Ask any hockey player at any level and they’ll likely agree, there’s nothing quite like playing this great game outdoors. We’re seeing it at every level, from the NHL, to the NCAA, to High School and recreation, more and more people are making time for outdoor hockey each winter.

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