Lettermen Sports and Sparx Hockey; Why You Need a Sparx Sharpener

Lettermen Sports in Minnesota is a family-run pro shop and a staple in the Minnesota hockey scene for more than 30 years. Their stores are located in Blaine and Plymouth, MN and both use our Sparx Machines as their primary sharpeners.

While visiting Minnesota for the High School Hockey Tournament, we had a chance to drop by for a visit at the Blaine location.  Speaking with Nick Haenze who serves as Vice President of Letterman Sports, we were able to learn about why he loves his Sparx Sharpeners, as well as how important it is to have the machines running in his stores. He, as well as his employee AJ, brought up numerous important points on how easy it is to use the Sparx machine, while also working with customers on the floor.

Check out the interview below: