How to Sharpen Your Skates at Home

If you're looking to sharpen your skates at home, or wondering how, look no farther than the Sparx Sharpener. The Sparx Sharpener is a clean, affordable, safe sharpening experience perfect for anywhere in the house. The Sparx Sharpener is fully automated so anyone, anywhere, with no prior skate sharpening experience can easily sharpen hockey and figure skates with pro-level accuracy
Never worry about your edges again, as the Sparx Sharpener gives you a perfect, accurate edge every single time.

Maintain Your Blade Profile at Home With Sparx

Whether it’s a custom profile or the one provided by the manufacturer, few people know that the profile of your blade actually gets altered to some degree with every traditional sharpening.

With Sparx, your skate blade will maintain its proper shape for the entire life of the steel without ever needing to be re-profiled, even if you apply a custom profile. There's no need to have your skates re-profiled throughout the season, saving you valuable time and money!

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