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The Importance Of Your Edges with Garret Sparks of the Vegas Golden Knights

We sat down with Garret Sparks of the Vegas Golden Knights to learn how the game is evolving and why taking care of your edges has never been more important. He also shares how the Sparx Sharpener allows him to always have the perfect edge and helps him keep up with today's fast-paced game.

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Study: Hockey Specialization Does Not Equal Success

At Sparx Hockey we are passionate about the game of hockey and whenever we come across interesting articles or important topics about the sport, we want to make sure we share this information with you, our loyal customers.

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Catching Up With Pro Stock Hockey

In the past, we've put our focus on local, Massachusetts companies, however for this week we branched out a bit and interviewed Pro Stock Hockey. Pro Stock Hockey is the spot to go to if you're looking to get some pro gear. We sat down via Skype with Shawn O'Connell, Operations Manager of Pro Stock Hockey. We talked day to day operations, the Olympics, Vegas Golden Knights and equipment from Zdeno Chara and Jaromir Jagr.

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Picking a Hockey Guy's Hockey Brain w/ Jon Hutcheon

Following up with our Hollow Testing video and reactions, we decided to chat with Jon Hutcheon of High End Hockey regarding the sport we all know and love. 

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Find Your Hollow; Follow-up Interview With Jon Hutcheon

As you saw last week, we took out five high-level hockey players, put them on their normally preferred radius of hollow and then put them on a mystery hollow. After a few skating sessions on both hollows, we documented their thoughts. 

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Finding Your Hollow with High End Hockey

Like sticks and skates and every other aspect of hockey, skate sharpening is evolving. What used to be available only to the pros has now made its way to Juniors, College, and youth. While most hockey players still drop their skates at the shop and never specify the hollow they prefer, we're seeing more and more players becoming educated about the options they have and how a change to their hollow might impact their game.

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Two Veterans, Two Young Stars and One Common Secret

Time away from the ice is important for hockey players at every level.

Physically, it's healthy to step away from the repetitive movements of skating and allow some of those neglected muscles to get active again, while resting the ones that have been over-used.

Mentally, it's important to take a break from the inevitable stress that comes along with counting wins and losses, goals for and goals against and every other stat that we can get wrapped up in throughout the long season.

While time away from the rink is healthy, that doesn't mean we stop learning. And for many players, it doesn't mean we stop thinking about the sport and wanting to get better.

We love the Player's Tribune. Nowhere on the internet can you get the same level of thoughtful insight from the best athletes and coaches in the world.

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