What Bauer's New Goalie Skate Means for Sparx

If you’re a goalie, you may know that each Sparx Sharpener comes equipped with a set of Goalie Risers. These risers have one job, due to the taller steel in traditional goalie skates, we use them to bump up the skate to account for that added height. There’s nothing else different about the process of sharpening goalie skates (no goalie-specific grinding rings needed for 3mm or 4mm steel).

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’d know that we’re huge fans of Bauer’s Edge Holder for player skates. We all have multiple sets of steel and it makes any testing we do much easier being able to swap steel on-the-go. This is why we’re so excited about the new goalie skates just released by Bauer.

Bauer LS3G Steel overlaying traditional goalie skate steel

Bauer has launched a full redesign of their Supreme line of goalie skates, ridding themselves of the traditional cowling altogether and bringing the EDGE quick swapping technology over to their goalie skates. The new Bauer Supreme 1S, S190, and S170 skates all come with the new VERTEXX EDGE goalie holder.  What’s cool for us (along with the fact that goalies can now have that easy swapping technology too) is that the new holder is taller than the traditional one, so it doesn’t require taller steel to get the same effect. The new LS3G, LS2G and LS1G steel is very similar in height to that of a player's skate.(see above photo of LS3G steel laying on top of traditional goalie steel). What’s this mean for you and your Sparx Sharpener? No more goalie risers needed! When sharpening the new Supreme line of goalie skates in the Sparx Sharpener, you can load the skate and get sharpening right away.

Bauer Supreme VERTEXX EDGE blade holder

Now, we’re not affiliated with Bauer in any way, we’re just big fans of the Edge holders and can’t imagine life without them now. So it’s really neat that Bauer has brought this technology over to their goalie line giving them the freedom us players have had for a few years now.

These are our initial thoughts on the new Bauer Supreme VERTEXX EDGE holders and LS"G" steel, what are yours? Are you excited? Concerned?