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Sparx Hockey Acquires Minnesota-Based BladeScan

Proprietary Laser Measurement Technology Strengthens Sparx Hockey’s Capabilities and Patent Portfolio

February 2, 2022 – Today, Sparx Hockey, inventors of the innovative Sparx Skate Sharpener, announced it has acquired BladeScan, a privately held company and the creator of the BladeScan machine – a high-resolution laser measurement product that accurately and precisely measures all aspects of a skate blade.

Based in Minnesota, BladeScan has developed customized hardware and software to measure the geometry of a skate blade and uses the information to improve and optimize skating performance. BladeScan’s patent-pending technology bolsters Sparx Hockey’s ongoing commitment to create the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use skate sharpening products in the industry. The Sparx Sharpener, the company’s flagship product, is an affordable, automated skate sharpener that is used by individuals, families, teams, rink operators and retailers around the world.  Currently, more than 25 National Hockey League teams utilize the Sparx Sharpener and the company estimates that more than five million pairs of skates a year are sharpened globally with Sparx Hockey technology.

In addition to acquiring all BladeScan technology, patents and assets, BladeScan founder Joe Tracy will join Sparx Hockey as Director of Strategic Projects.

“Adding BladeScan’s unique technology and patents, as well as Joe’s expertise in laser metrology puts Sparx Hockey on the forefront of precise measurement capabilities for skate sharpening and profiling,” said Russell Layton, CEO and Founder, Sparx Hockey. “As the global leader in skate sharpening, this acquisition strengthens our Research and Development capabilities and solidifies our position as the only company solely focused on developing the most precise automated skate sharpening products for the at-home consumer, teams of all levels and retailers around the world.”

Tracy’s extensive experience in software development and laser measurement will provide Sparx Hockey with additional technical expertise to enhance future product development.

“It is exciting to join Sparx Hockey, continue the work we have done with BladeScan and take it to the next level alongside the world’s most technically-focused skate sharpening company,” Tracy said. “Maximizing skating performance is imperative to gaining a competitive edge and at BladeScan we have been focused on optimizing skate profiling and skate sharpening for each player’s specific needs. That focus, combined with Sparx Hockey’s commitment to performance and innovation, is only going to raise the bar on the future of skate sharpening.”

About Sparx Hockey

Sparx Hockey is a privately held corporation located in Acton, Massachusetts. Sparx Hockey is a developer and manufacturer of skate sharpening equipment and related accessories for ice hockey, figure skating and sled hockey.  The company is focused on building a leadership position in skate sharpening by providing customers with the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use skate sharpening equipment on the planet. The company estimates that more than five million pairs of skates are sharpened annually using Sparx Hockey technology, with players from the youth level to the pros experiencing the precision and ease of the Sparx Sharpener. 

About BladeScan

BladeScan is a privately owned company based in Hutchinson, Minnesota. BladeScan’s flagship machine is the first specifically customized high precision laser measurement system in the world which can be used to fully quantify the geometry of a skate blade. Using customized hardware and software, this precision information can be used to provide the feedback needed to optimize the profiling and sharpening of the skate for each skater’s specific needs.  For more information, please visit www.bladescan.com.



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