The Pro Bundle

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You are ready for the big time! Get virtually every accessory available from Sparx and be the top skate sharpener in your town. With the Pro Bundle, you get everything you would ever need to be a high-level, professional skate sharpener, all at a major discount.

The Pro Bundle includes:

  • The all-new Sparx Sharpener 3 Pro
  • BOTH Premium Pro Base and lightweight travel base
  • The revolutionary SPARX BEAM
  • Sparx Grinding Ring Starter Pack - 1/2" Radius Ring, 5/8" Radius Ring, 1/2" FIRE Ring
  • Sparx Blade Holder
  • Sparx Deburring Block Set
  • Coated Steel Kit
  • Premium Honing Stone - Medium
  • Premium Honing Stone - Fine
  • Translucent Arkansas Stone 
  • Sharpener Cover
  • Soft Travel Case