Do Ice Hockey Skates Come Sharpened?

Do Ice Hockey Skates Come Sharpened?:

No, your hockey skates don't come sharpened when you buy them. Your new skates don't have an edge so the first sharpening is a little more difficult than subsequent ones, and it is definitely the most important.

Since your skates don't come sharpened, the place where you buy your skates from may offer skate sharpening as a service, so that is one option. Or you could get a Sparx Sharpener so you'll always be able to sharpen your skates as they dull over time.

Your hockey skates should be sharp enough to ensure the blades have bite and allow you to turn and stop with confidence. Sharp edges mean that the inside and outside edges of your skate blade are razor-thin, clean and without burrs or nicks.

How sharp you keep your skate blades is subjective and that it somewhat depends on your skating style and performance goals. If you're a beginner, don't make your skates too sharp or they will grip the ice too much and make it hard for you to stay in control when turning and stopping.

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