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  • The Sparx Grinding Rings

    Grinding Ring

    At the heart of the Sparx Skate Sharpener is a 40mm diameter grinding ring. The Sparx Grinding Ring is a replaceable component inside the machine that shapes the Skate's blade into a concave profile so that the skater can glide easily across the ice while also being able to stop and make turns.


    Sharpenings per average ring


    Hollow Options Available
    A micro-chip inside every grinding ring monitors its life, telling you when it should be replaced by alerting the sharpener's interface display.
  • Skate Clamp

    Skate Clamp

    Our patent pending skate clamp design perfectly aligns the skate to the grinding ring, eliminating the challenges posed by varying blade types and thicknesses.

    Skate Compatibility 
    Size Compatibility 

    *Adapter required. Not compatible with all blades

  • Carriage


    The Carriage moves the Grinding Ring across the skate blade with consistent pressure, translation speed, and RPM. This consistency ensures a smooth surface finish and that all skate blade profiles (a.k.a. rocker) are preserved from the first sharpening to the hundreth and beyond.

  • Sparx Skate Sharpener Safety Feature

    Protective Slot Covers

    The simple to use Protective Slot Covers cradle both ends of your skate to provide a completely safe sharpening experience.

    Safety Lights

    As an added safety precaution, LED lights on the Slot Covers will flash if they have not been fully closed around the skate and the sharpener will fail to operate until they've been closed.

  • Sparx Sharpener Interface

    Interface & Electronics

    Custom electronics developed specifically for Sparx help make it easy and safe to operate.


    Continuously controls and monitors sharpenings and safety features.

    Simplified User Interface

    A simplified user interface allows Sparx to be intuitive: Adjust number of sharpening cycles, Monitor the life of your Grinding Ring, Receive safety alerts, and Sharpen all from the control pad

  • Integrated Filtration System

    Integrated Filtration System

    Dust accumulation is inevitable in skate sharpening. But we've got it covered. Literally.

    Removable Tray

    Enclosed is a removable tray and Particulate Filter that collects and filters dust, keeping your Sparx Sharpener and its surroundings clean and tidy.

    Indicator Light

    Sparx tells you when you should change the filter. Replacement filters are available in the Sparx Shop.

  • Sparx Sharpener Alignment

    Alignment System

    Alignment of the Sparx Sharpener is typically performed once when the machine is first set up and then checked over time to ensure that the system hasn't drifted. Unlike existing skate sharpening machines, Sparx doesn't require a skate to be sharpened to confirm and adjust the alignment. There is also no need to realign the machine when swapping out Grinding Rings or sharpening skates with different blade thicknesses.