Le programme de l'équipe de hockey Sparx


Trusted By The Game's Best

Utilized by top professional players and leagues throughout the world, Sparx delivers the consistency and accuracy needed in today's fast-paced game.

Precision Machined

The Sparx Grinding Ring is laser inspected at 30 points to ensure uniform hollow depth resulting in a consistent feeling every time you step on the ice.

Time Saver

The Sparx Sharpener allows teams to deliver precise and accurate skate sharpening in a timely manner. Choose from 16 different hollows and get a professional-level sharpening in just minutes.

Profile Maintained

The constant pressure, RPM, and translation speed of the Sparx Sharpener ensures equal steel removal resulting in a blade that holds it's profile for life.

Teams At All Levels Elevating Their Performance With The Sparx Sharpener

“No matter what happens before the game or in the game, wherever you are you have a reliable asset that helps your players succeed on the ice.”