Sparx Skate Blade Lifts

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Using two Sparx Skate Blade Lifts can angle the skate blade slightly to allow the Sparx grinding ring to sharpener higher on the toe.  

**Utilize the Sparx Skate Blade Lifts to Sharpen BAUER CARBONLITE* Steel Runners*

 By using four individual Sparx Skate Blade Lifts slightly raise the two-piece blades so that the Sparx Sharpener can perfectly clamp onto the steel portion of the blade, keeping the carbon fiber portion of the runner above the skate clamp.


  • Four (4) molded Skate Blade Lifts 
  • Step-by-step skate blade lift instructions for perfect sharpening

*BAUER and CARBONLITE are trademarks of Bauer Hockey, LLC